Mike Borovich has been involved in public safety for over 30 years. While in college for electrical engineering, a friend invited him to take the Cleveland Fire Department test, which unexpectedly changed his life path in a most exciting and challenging way. When he wasn’t fighting fires in some of Cleveland’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Mike continued to learn about electricity from his fellow firefighters, who are known for working part-time in various building trades. While most settle in on one favorite trade, Mike decided instead to renovate homes and learn all aspects of construction and electrical systems. Mike never lost his love of learning and went on to become certified in numerous fields including but not limited to: Emergency Medical Technician, scuba dive master, ice diving, radiation dosimeter training, search and rescue, certified fire investigation, electrical fire/arson investigation, hazardous materials response technician. He is also trained in Reiki and Biogeometry, as well as several other healing modalities.  Therefore, Mike understand the subtle energy systems in the human body.

Mike retired from the fire department after saving many lives during his 30 years of service. He knew he wanted to continue to help people and be of service, but unsure of the path he would take. He started working part-time for a licensed electrical contractor and was able to spend more time hiking, backpacking and being outdoors. He then became certified in wilderness first aid, so he could lead his son and other Boy Scouts on backpacking excursions.

One of the first things Mike noticed was his aches and pains went away, which were a constant in his life due to several on-the-job injuries. He also noticed he was thinking more clearly and had a greater sense of well-being. At first, he attributed this to simply being in nature.

Mike’s “aha moment” came while on a foraging expedition (eating only wild plants found along the way), when the doctor leading the group talked about the detrimental effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies. He then realized it was not simply being in nature that was improving his health, it was also getting away from all the EMFs in the city and at the fire station. He was finally able to “connect the dots” and see how all the electricity fields and wireless devices were affecting the electrical and biological energies in our human bodies.

Mike then studied all he could find on the subject, only to find that many of the experts in research and development of protocol in electromagnetic radiation were not based in the U.S. In his quest to seek answers, his travels took him to Australia where he trained with GeoVital, a world leader in the industry, and is now a certified consultant. He is now enjoying his new career path of helping families create healthier homes. Mike’s goal is to bring that “back-to-nature” feeling back into your home.

Mike is married and has two teenage children. He still loves the outdoors and continues his travels into the wilderness as often as he can.